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Our Express package is a power-user package. First of all you get two domain names included for free, so locking down those alternatives.

The design process is the same across each of our Website Design packages. We discuss with you what it is you need from your Launchpad Website and with the content you provide we help to shape your website into something that works for you on the web.

Why Choose Express?


£ 650
  • 2x Free Domain Names
  • Free Express Hosting
  • 2GB Web Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Revisions Available
  • Free Express Support

Are we missing anything?

Is there an essential service you require that we are not offering?  We welcome suggestions.

What would be useful to you? SEO? Video Embedding? Something else..?

Let us know by sending us a message.

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    Who I Am

    Hi! I’m Kev and I setup WeWeb.Work with the sole intention of simplifying the creation of websites.

    We aim to simplify the creation of websites again while retaining all of the features and functions of complex sites. If you have any ideas for how we are not, but could be assisting you, or simplifying things further, please let us know!

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