Online Curriculum Vitae / Profile Examples

When you choose WeWeb.Work to create your Online CV / Profile, we aim to keep things simple. It is our objective to get your Online CV / Profile up and running on your domain as quickly as possible. Therefore we have a selection of templates from which you can choose as a base for your Online CV / Profile. From this base we can edit and change aspects of your Online CV / Profile, such as the font, font size, colours and styles.

While our templates allow for your content to be uploaded quickly, the look and feel of your Online CV / Profile is very much dependent upon the content that you provide. To this end, we have created the following examples to give you an idea of how different content can affect the way your Online CV / Profile looks.

Please note a standard Digital or Visual CV would be limited to 2-3 pages of content. We are happy to do more, but please contact us with your needs prior to your purchase.

Template A
Template A
Template B
Template B
Template C
Template C

First Steps to Getting Online

Searching for your Domain Name

The First stages to setting up an online CV or Profile is to search and discover if your Domain Name is available to register. This is done via a Registrar website such as GoDaddy, TSOHost, Krystal Hosting or plenty of other services on the web. A favourite starting place for me would be a website simply called

Registering your Domain Name & Purchasing Web Hosting

Once you've decided on your domain name, you have some choices. You can either go to a Domain Registrar and register the domain yourself by creating an online account with your chosen registrar and entering your payment details. Oh and don't forget hosting! Most domain registrars provide Website Hosting services too. Or you can pass on all the hassle to WeWeb.Work and purchase our Online CV package. The package includes the registration of your chosen domain name and optimised website hosting for your CV. WeWeb.Work takes all the fuss out of registering your domain, setting up your hosting and configuring your nameservers.

Are we missing anything?

Is there an essential service you require that we are not offering?  We welcome suggestions.

What would be useful to you? SEO? Video Embedding? Something else..?

Let us know by sending us a message.

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